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Done- The new “must stop” in Margate

If you are familiar with the Jersey shore area you have probably heard of Tomatoes. It is a restaurant in Margate famous for their sushi and trendy dinner specials. Well, the owners are back at it again with a new establishment, Done. Done is also in Margate and is a take-out and catering style eatery.

Done Margate

One of the things I really enjoy about the shore area is the healthy lifestyle. I’m not sure if it is the proximity to the ocean, the fresh air, or what but there is definitely a larger movement towards living well than on the mainland. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of places to get your treats in. However, there are a lot of places that offer a lighter fare. Done really ties in well with that lifestyle. They offer a wide variety of homestyle food on the go, catering to customers on the move. It isn’t exactly a “healthy” eatery. Done focuses on fresh, homestyle cooking with plenty of healthy options. They offer a wide variety of prepared vegetables, salads, and meats. All perfectly prepared ready to be heated up and enjoyed. 

The rotisserie

The food offered changes daily with a few consistent items like rotisserie chicken. They have a huge rotisserie that takes up half of the back wall. It is definitely a sight to be seen. If you love rotisserie chicken, you can join the clucker’s club. Purchase 11 rotisserie chickens and get the 12th free! 

The clucker's club

If meat is not your thing, there are plenty of vegetarian options like the vegetable gyoza and vegetarian chili. And if you are really in a hurry, they have a case of various prepackaged goodies and drinks. However, if you are just out exploring, you are welcomed to dine in. The staff will happily heat up any delectable delights you choose and there is seating along the wall. 

Veggies on Veggies

quaint seating

If your sweet tooth needs to be satisfied, there is an entire display dedicated to  desserts. All made in house, ready to be enjoyed. 

all the desserts

I decided to stop in for lunch. After much deliberation I settled on shrimp, pesto zucchini noodles, and vegetable gyoza. Everything was delicious! The shrimp were cooked perfectly. The pesto zucchini noodles were nice and thin and perfectly flavored. I hate raw zucchini but loved these zoodles! The vegetable gyoza came with ponzu sauce for dipping which complimented them perfectly. I could have eaten 100 of them! After taking a few snaps, I grabbed a boxed water and settled into my lunch. I finished feeling refueled and ready for the rest of my day. 

Lunch in Margate

Boxed water is better

Done is the new “must stop” in Margate. Regardless if you are looking for a light lunch or to pick up dinner for the family, Done has you covered. They also offer off site catering. They can provide catering on any level from food only to full scale food and service catering or anything in between. Perfect for those summer get-togethers. 

Salad to go


I would highly recommend checking Done out before the summer rush. They are open everyday except Tuesday from 11-8 and 11-6 on Sunday. Spring is here and the weather is getting nicer. Why not do a little day drip to the shore with a beach picnic lunch from Done?! Sounds pretty perfect if you ask me!

Snacks to go

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know when you visit Done and what you thought! Be sure to share this post with someone who would love a place like Done! 

Until next week my friends!

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