Drip n’ Scoop: Coffee, Donuts and Ice Cream, oh my!

So there is a fairly new coffee shop(opened in July 2016) in Ocean City that I had to check out. I actually don’t drink coffee. Shocker I know, I am a rare breed. But I knew Drip n’ Scoop was so much more than coffee. In addition to all the fixings of a regular coffee house, they serve donuts and ice cream! Yes my friends, you can now have your donut and eat your ice cream too! 

Drip n' scoop

Drip n' scoop outside

coffee and donuts Drip n' Scoop

Located in the heart of “the avenue” at 10th and Asbury. The outside is an older looking building painted white adorned with purple awnings covering tables for outside seating.

Drip n' scoop street view 

The inside has a much different feel. It is very beachy and natural. It has a natural wood wall, with tables and bars for seating.

more beachy decor

Beachy seating

Succulents for decor

As you make your way to the line you get a glimpse of all the fabulous donuts. Amazing variety, it is a beautiful sight. There is a little section of retail items like coffee, tea, and Drip n’ Scoop travel tumblers. Should you want to drip greener. The tumblers are $18 to purchase which includes a fill up and just $1 to refill. I am not up on the coffee world but seems like a great deal especially from a cool coffee house in Ocean City

donuts all in a row

Drip n' Scoop tumblers

Speaking a of a great deal I was pleasantly surprised to find the donuts were $1 each and about $10 for a dozen. I had to talk myself off the ledge of going for a full dozen and settled on just four donuts to try. As a side note, I did share those four but could have easily eaten all of them! Donuts are definitely not part of how I eat on a regular basis but sometimes you just have to treat yourself! When you hear about a delicious donut joint, you just gotta go for it.

Have one of each!

So many flavors to choose

All the donuts

After scoping the place out and a long deliberation, I settled on four donuts; Nutella, s’mores, strawberry, and vanilla oreo. The flavors indicated the toppings all on a classic donut. The Nutella was my favorite. You cant beat that smear of chocolate deliciousness on top of a donut. The others flavors were awesome as well. The s’mores was chocolate topped with melted marshmallow and crushed graham crackers. Vanilla oreo had a vanilla glaze and crushed oreos. So good! And the strawberry was a strawberry gaze which was also very good. If I had to make one change I would love to see the donuts be flavored, not just the toppings. Now, don’t get me wrong, the donuts are awesome just as they are. Just throwing my two cents in. 

Vanilla oreo is sublime

They do offer a an amazing little delight of an ice cream sandwich with a donut. I didn’t try any ice cream this time but I will surely be back to have a donut ice cream sandwich of my own! 

One of the things I like about Ocean City is the support of small business. There are very little commercial businesses in town. It is mostly mom and pop shops. I believe our country is built on small business and it is so important to support them and keep them alive. It can be so appealing to go for the commercial choice. It is familiar, cheaper, and can be more convenient but at what cost? At a big cost, in my opinion. One thing that I find as a common “ingredient” in almost every small mom and pop shop and in no commercial store is love. In a small business it is easy to feel the time, energy, and love that has gone into the business. It is someone’s dream becoming a reality or a family business handed down from generation to generation. That is what is so special about shopping small. That is what makes places like Drip n’ Scoop so good. You can taste the love in every donut. 

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If you are ever in the Ocean City, NJ area, I would definitely check Drip n’ Scoop out! They are open everyday, from 6am to 10pm, year round. 

That Nutella donut

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have a favorite local donut shop? Be sure to share it with me! We all know that sharing is caring!

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