Olive Oil Artichokes 

If you have never had a whole artichoke, you don’t know what you are missing! They might seem hard to make but they are quite simple. It just takes a little patience and steam time. The ingredients are simple, just some fresh garlic, olive oil, dried oregano, and salt and pepper. It is finished off with a balsamic aioli to dip.

Raw artichokes

First you want to wash and prep the artichokes. Wash and drain throughly. Cut the stem to about a half an inch. Try to do this evenly so the artichoke will sit upright in the pot. Next, you want to loosen the leaves. Turn the artichokes upside-down (so the stem if facing up) give it a good pound against the counter. The middle should shrink in when done correctly. 

Seasoned artichokes before cooking

Fill a large pot with about an inch of water. Heat over high heat. Next mix the garlic and seasonings with the oil. Using your hands, rub the seasonings between the layers of leaves. It doesn’t have to between every layer, just enough to get a good seasoning. When the water is boiling, reduce heat to medium low and place artichokes standing up in the pot. Cover and cook for 45-60 minutes. Artichokes are done when a leaf can be easily plucked using tongs. Cook time will vary depending on the size of the artichoke. 

While the artichokes are cooking, make the aioli. Mix balsamic vinegar with mayonnaise in a small bowl. Refrigerate when finished. 

When the artichokes are finished serve with an extra bowl or plate for the leaves. Eat by scraping your teeth along the bottom portion of the leaf (the part that was attached). The soft goodness of the artichoke will come right off. When you get to the heart, be sure to remove the “choke”, the hairy bristles on top of the heart. It will easily slice off with a knife. I also like to trim off the outer layer of the stem. Use the dip sparingly since you get very little bites from each leaf. 

And there you go! A simple and delicious way to enjoy whole artichokes!

After cooking

Olive Oil Artichokes 

2 whole Artichokes

2 large cloves Garlic, minced

2 Tbl Olive oil

1/2 tsp Salt

1/8 tsp pepper

1 tsp oregano 

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

2Tbl mayonaise 

  1. Wash and drain artichokes. Trim stems to a half and inch evenly so they will stand up in the pot. Then turn the artichokes stem side up and bang against the counter until the center sinks in. This is to loosen the leaves.
  2. Heat a large pot with 1 inch of water over high heat.
  3. Mix the garlic, seasonings, and oil. Rub the mix between the leaves. Not every layer needs to be seasoned just a general good seasoning. The oil mix is enough for 2 large artichokes. 
  4. When the water is boiling, reduce the heat to medium low and add artichokes, standing up. Cover and cook for 45-60 minutes. Cook time will vary based on the size of the artichokes.The artichokes are done when leaf is easily plucked with tongs.
  5. While the artichokes are cooking, Mix the aioli. In a small bowl, mix vinegar and mayonnaise. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  6. Serve artichokes with aioli and an extra plate or bowl for the leaves and enjoy!

Be sure to share this recipe with an artichoke lover! 

 Until next time my friends!

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