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The Lobster House- A Cape May Classic

The Lobster House is a Cape May staple and has been for many years. It is a old fashioned restaurant and fishery located just off the bridge coming into Cape May. What makes this restaurant so special is the history and fleet of fishing boats that go out daily to catch the freshest local seafood to be served in the restaurant. 


The Lobster House is located on the water and if you go towards the end of the parking lot you can see the massive fishing boats. They are beauties! If you have never seen fishing boats of this caliber, they are definitely worth a look! 

Another boat

rigs on rigs

After you get over the awe of the massive fishing boats you have a few options. You can eat in or take out. There is a seafood market that sells fresh seafood, live lobsters, soups, and desserts. 

The fish market Hours Clambake

On the back deck there is a window where you can get cooked seafood platters, soups, and various appetizers to go. You have the option of taking them with you or eating them right on the deck. It was a chilly night when I visited but there were still a few tables of loyal seafood lovers dining on the deck. 
Now that's a lobster!

As you walk into the restaurant the walls are adorned with plenty of historical photos and articles to read and look at. Which is a great thing because if you go after 6 o’clock you will encounter a wait and the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations. We went around 7 o’clock and there was a 25 minute wait for two of us. This was a Monday in the beginning of April. The wait time steadily increases as the season approaches and it is almost impossible to get in during the summer season. Another great reason to visit the shore in the off season. Luckily, There are multiple dining rooms and a beautiful schooner called the American that open as the season heats up. 

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The American serves lunch and select appetizers for dinner and features a full bar. Perfect for cocktails during the warm weather months.

We decided to dine inside and gave our name to the host. He told us it would be about 25 minutes for a table and gave us a remote looking thing that would flash when our table was ready. We walked around looking at the pictures and finally settling at the bar for a pre dinner cocktail. The downside to The Lobster House is it is very old school. There is no cocktail list and to my dismay, no Moscow mules. However, to my pleasant surprise, it is arguably the cheapest cocktail in town. Under seven dollars for a Tito’s martini! I dare not even ask for my beloved Purity vodka. I do admit that the restaurant could use some updating all around, but that is not why you dine here. Not for trendy cocktails, or atmosphere, but for the freshest seafood around! The Lobster House is one of the best seafood restaurants in South Jersey, hands down. 

So sure, it may not have a chef designed menu but it has the classics done well. Entrees come with a dinner salad and two sides of your choosing. To be honest, don’t we want to choose our sides anyways? How often do you go to a restaurant and are deterred from an entree by not liking the accompaniments. 

A spoonful of lobster bisque

We shared the lobster bisque for an appetizer. It is rich, filling, and so good with the house bread. The bread is an everything loaf that is great on its own but amazing dunked in lobster bisque. 

Dinner with all the fixings

For dinner I had the crab stuffed shrimp, stewed tomatoes, and the vegetable du jour, which was cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms. Mr. Luscious by Nature decided on a lobster with applesauce and a baked potato. You order the lobster by weight. He got a pound and a half lobster. The weight goes up by the half pound from one to three pounds. Anything over that you have to ask for availability.  I’m not sure who needs more than three pounds of lobster but who am I to judge.


Stuffed Shrimp 

Dinner was delicious. Fresh and classic, exactly what I was expecting. The Lobster House doesn’t disappoint when it comes to seafood. There was absolutely no room for dessert, we were stuffed to the gills. We happily strolled out underneath the full moon. Another great Lobster House dinner under our belt. 

The Lobster House

The Lobster House isn’t a Cape May staple for nothing. It is definitely worth the trip either to get seafood to cook at home or to dine in. I would definitely recommend going off season. Even the seafood market is crazy with a line out the door in season. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please share it with a seafood lover! 

Until next week my friends!

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